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Watch out world the Olsen kids are back!

Watch out world the Olsen kids are back! I’ve teamed up with my brother, Jim Olsen to make this book sing. Our first collaborative effort was a masterpiece-a Crayola pirate ship drawn on an entire bedroom wall. A replica can be found under the tile floor of my last house, recreated during a family reunion, years ago. Mom should have known better. We were quite for more than twenty minutes.

Growing up, Jim and I were the Calvin and Hobbs of NAS Cabiness Field in Corpus Christi. I was the instigator; he was the brains. Clean up your bedroom. No problem. We threw our toys out the second story window. We were known to sneak our baby brother and sister out windows and hide them in our fort if we didn’t like something about our sitter. How dare her eat our ice cream! We went through every babysitter on the base. Besides, only Nana would do as a sitter. You’ll meet her in our book.

We crisscrossed the country like all navy nomads, bound together by family and love. He’d whip me at Risk and I’d gloat when I checkmated him in Chess. By the time we reached high school, if Jim didn’t beat up my boyfriend he was OK to date. He never raised a fist to Andy, my husband, so he must be ok. We’re celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in May.

As authors, I am a “pantser” (write by the seat of my pants) and he is a “plotter”, with the spread sheets to prove it. He brings his military background as a project manager for top secret defense projects to the pages of our book, adding new depth and texture that are beyond my kin. We are at the first plot point, navigating the tricky waters of passive voice vs past tense vs past perfect tense. And we are good together.

In April, we are off to Honolulu to confirm our research, to walk in the steps of our mother and uncle, to smell and feel what they felt and to try to find the family of Tadao Fuchikami, Messenger boy # 9; the brave Japanese American who delivered Pearl Harbor’s Final Warning Message. Thank you for joining me in our journey. I hope you are having as much fun as we are.

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