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WWII Cold Rice Pudding Recipe

My mom use to make this for dessert, adapted from The Victory Binding of the American Woman’s Cook Book— 1942 War Time Edition. It’s a fun way to convert leftover white rice into 3 cups of pudding. Nothing went to waste during the war and mom continued her thriftiness when cooking for her four hungry kids.

2 eggs, separated

2 cups of milk

½ raisins

1/8 + teaspoon of cinnamon or nutmeg or both

1/8 teaspoon of vanilla

1/3—1/2 cup of sugar

1 ¼ cups cooked white rice

¼ teaspoon salt

Add the egg yolks to two tablespoons of milk and place the rest of the milk in a double boiler. Add raisins to milk and cook until soft (about 15 minutes). Add the cooked rice. Cook five minutes longer then stir in the yolks, salt, sugar and spice. Stir well, do not boil. Cook for two or three minutes, remove from heat and pour pudding into bowl. Sliced bananas and diced fruit can be added after it cools. If your feeling ambitious, whip the egg whites into a meringue with a little powder sugar or serve with a dollop of homemade jam on top. Serve cold.

Adding bananas is my personal favorite.

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