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  • Valarie Anderson

Money Eater: Bernard Otto Kuehn

If you don't already know, I wrote a book and self published it through Amazon. It's about a German who spied for the Japanese before the Pearl Harbor attack. His story was too long for my blog.

I'd stumbled across Kuehn's story because he used RCA to transmit some of his messages. One in particular, the signals message, was mentioned in the Congressional record as well as by other authors. His story fasinated me from the start. Why would a German family man spy for the Japanese? Was his signal system used? What became of him after his arrest?

The Money Eater has the answers and it also exposes the depth of Japan’s espionage effort before the Pearl Harbor attack. Self-serving Bernard Otto Kuehn, used his children, pawned-off his beautiful step-daughter, and hid the truth from his gullible wife for money and fame. Take a journey into America’s past and into the heart of a narcissist. It’s all true and it's available at and your local independent bookseller.

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