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 What people are saying about Pearl Harbor's Final Warning

Marv on Pearl Harbor Day.JPG
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Marv Emmerson

* A well-researched book about America's military preparation and/or lack of preparation...Military Writers Society of America, 2022 Gold Medal for history


*Splendid, top-notch, beautifully researched and documents ...a real service to history and historians

Scott S. UC Davis professor

*Best nonfiction book I've read...Bob R. California Radio Museum

*This book will hold you spell-bound...Edie Jones, Nugget News


*Reads like a spy thriller and gives a unique perspective on one aspect of the Second World War.

Linda W. 

* Your history is right on! Pearl Harbor Survivor Horace Hamilton (pictured)

*Highly recommended for all those interested in WWII...G.G.

*This book should be read by every civic class student...Eric. S. 

*This book has unique information...includes a copy of the encoded

message that Gen. Marshall sent to Gen. Short...James O. 

*Looks at the human side. What the citizens of Honolulu were doing and 

thinking before, during, and after the attack...Virginia S.

*Such nuggets enrich not only your book but also my life...BJP

4.8 out of 5 starts on Amazon

Horace Hamilton.jpg
Pearl Harbor Survivor
H. Hamilton
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